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January 2, 2009

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To make sound decisions about broadband deployment, decision makers require familiarity with specialized knowledge across a number of disciplines.

For the Ethos Group’s Better Broadband Toolkit we (Dharma Dailey, Amelia Bryne, Michael Maranda, Steven Mansour) created a series of educational plain-language documents which review the possible public interest uses of broadband networks, the variety of roles that local governments can play in network development, the kinds of technologies that comprise broadband, and the prevailing business models of publicly influenced networks.

Made available for free under a creative commons license, these overviews were designed to be used by North American educators and consultants as handouts, online references, and in Powerpoint presentations.

Here are some selected tools:
Roles Local Government Can Play in Broadband Deployment PDF
Prevailing Business Models for Publicly Influenced Broadband Networks PDF
Comparing Different Broadband Technologies PDF
What Can You Do With This Network? PDF


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