Broadband Atlas Design

January 2, 2009

Policymakers and businesses need a big-picture view of broadband systems.  To build the best high-speed internet networks it is important to understand the location of existing infrastructure; the types and locations of various local broadband providers; the availability, quality and capacity of broadband service; and the types of technology used.  Mapping these elements can help.

In 2008 the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services of Ontario, Canada wanted to play a constructive role in promoting broadband development in the province.  I worked with a team of cartography and broadband infrastructure experts (Tracey Lauriault, Andrew Clement, Neil McIntyre) to help the Ministry determine the role that a broadband atlas could play in supporting healthy growth of technical infrastructure, digital inclusion, and competition.

The team outlined guiding principles for the development of a broadband atlas, including usability and preservation, and profiled common mapping technologies used in online atlases for the Ministry’s review.  To help the Ontario government understand what their peers were doing, we analyzed over one hundred indicators drawn from policy and mapping initiatives and services around the world.

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Evaluation, Infrastructure, Projects