Carbon Neutral Media

October 6, 2009

The following Green ICT-related event will be hosted this week in New York by the SVA Interaction Design MFA program:

Designing for Carbon Neutral Media & Sustainable Media Supply Chains

Key issues that this lecture will address:

  • What are the carbon footprints of different media types and how many billions of tons of greenhouse gas emissions are associated with them?
  • What are some of the prevailing myths & misconceptions about the environmental benefits & sins of digital & physical media?
  • What possible and preferable changes can be made in the design and production of communication media?
  • How can the principles of system thinking and tools for life cycle analysis be used to design carbon neutral media and to support sustainable media supply chains?

About the Speaker

Don Carli, The Institute for Sustainable Communication, Senior Fellow; Sustainable Advertising Partnership, Director.

Don is Senior Research Fellow with nonprofit Institute for Sustainable Communication (ISC) where he is director of The Sustainable Advertising Partnership and other programs addressing sustainable marketing, advertising, corporate social responsibility, enterprise communication, innovation and sustainable sourcing. He is also Executive Vice President of SustainCommWorld LLC., Sustainability Editor for Graphic Arts Monthly Magazine, Printing News and a contributing editor to Actual Grafisk Information magazine in Sweden. For over 20 years Don has been a management consultant and senior advisor to advertisers, publishers and Fortune 1000 brands including Adobe, Dupont, Hewlett Packard, Kodak, Sun Microsystems, Time Incorporated, Xerox and The Economist. Don is an Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Industry Studies Program Affiliate Scholar and has been an invited lecturer at NYU, MIT, Clemson University, California Polytechnic University, Columbia University and The City University of New York, as well as a keynote speaker and numerous industry conferences. He is a member of the board of advisors of the AIGA Center for Sustainable Design, a member of The Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC), as well as member of the Institute for Supply Management and a 2007 recipient of the P3 Foundation “Luminaire Award” recognizing outstanding achievement and personal dedication by graphic communication industry innovators who are committed to educating themselves and others.


Wednesday, October 7
MFA Interaction Design Department
132 W 21st Street, 6 Floor
New York City

About MFA Interaction Design

The MFA in Interaction Design program trains students to research, analyze, prototype, and design concepts in their business, social, and cultural contexts. It explores the strategic role of interaction design in shaping everyday life, and intends to increase the relevancy of design to business and to society so designers can make a difference.

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