Not All Polls Are Created Equal

January 20, 2016

Political polling is a tricky business with a host of factors that can impact poll results.

Mapping as Method

July 16, 2015

Using visual tools to think through relationships between things.

Doing Needs Assessments When There is No Researcher: Advice for Media Start-Ups

August 15, 2013

Community needs assessments are great, but there isn’t always an “assessor” on hand to do them. Here are a few ideas for DIY needs assessment….

Video Ethnography

May 8, 2013

How video is an important tool in market research, usability studies, and beyond.

Agile UX Research for Designing ‘Everyday Analytics’

February 6, 2013

Designing “dashboards” to help therapists make use of data.

Sketching the User Experience as a Diagnostic

January 3, 2013

Simple sketches convey a lot about how technology in a therapy session informs the interactions between therapist and patient.

Methods Madness: Contextual Inquiry

January 17, 2011

Given the mutual blind spots of observer and observed, how can researchers ensure 1) that what people tell us they want is what they actually want and 2) that we understand what they are telling us?

Visual Research Tools

March 22, 2010

Outfitted with two digital photo cameras we snapped hundreds of images in our visits around the country.