June 25, 2011

Al Gore’s new e-book is an interesting example of new tech meets environment. The book, Our Choice, on solutions to global warming, costs only $5 as an app and has gotten high marks for its design. Read more in this New York Times blog post, here.

While I don’t have an iPad to check out the e-version of the book, I did recently watch Al Gore’s documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, a precursor to this more recent endeavor (see it here).  In Gore’s presentation on climate change, which grounds the film, he makes good use of information and communication artifacts include graphs & images.

Do the film and e-book present information similarly? Differently? Could both be considered new hybrid forms of ‘presentation’? That is, going beyond Power Point and into the realm of truly mixing data + storytelling?

For some top-notch thinking on presentations, see Nancy Duarte’s work.

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