Energy & The National Broadband Plan

April 20, 2010

The Federal Communication Commission released its National Broadband Plan last month, in March 2010. While most of the plan focuses on the social and economic aspects of the internet, the environment makes a brief appearance.

Here are a few excerpts on the topic:

“Goal No. 6 [of 6 of the National Broadband Plan is]: To ensure that America leads in the clean energy economy, every American should be able to use broadband to track and manage their real-time energy consumption.”

p. 265: “Consumers and businesses will need easy access to information about the type, amount and price of energy to make informed decisions about their consumption. The price of electricity will also have to better reflect the cost of providing power, which can skyrocket during critically hot days.”

p. 266: “The FCC should start a proceeding to improve the energy efficiency and environmental impact of the communications industry.

p. 276: “The federal government should take a leadership role in improving the energy efficiency of its data centers. … The federal government owns and operates approximately 10% of the nation’s data centers and servers.”

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