March 5, 2012

There is a new theme emerging (though not dominant) in the technology sphere: quietness. This much-emailed New York Times article “The Joy of Quiet” is a case in point. As the author comments:

I read an interview with the perennially cutting-edge designer Philippe Starck. What allowed him to remain so consistently ahead of the curve? “I never read any magazines or watch TV,” he said, perhaps a little hyperbolically. “Nor do I go to cocktail parties, dinners or anything like that.” He lived outside conventional ideas, he implied, because “I live alone mostly, in the middle of nowhere.”

This desire for quietness has crept into my own work (perhaps evidenced by the long pause in adding posts to this site). When faced with seemingly ever expanding modes and speeds of connecting, doing, and so on how should we react? Should we move faster? Do more? What does this do to our experience of time?

How would it be different to be still, to simplify, to be quiet?

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