Agile UX Research for Designing ‘Everyday Analytics’

February 6, 2013

Designing “dashboards” to help therapists make use of data.

Sketching the User Experience as a Diagnostic

January 3, 2013

Simple sketches convey a lot about how technology in a therapy session informs the interactions between therapist and patient.

Broadband Ecosystems

August 15, 2009

Ever since I read Martha Fuentes-Bautista and Nobuya Inagaki’s 2005 paper on wireless internet in Austin, TX I’ve been fascinated by the idea of ‘broadband ecosystems’.

Simplicity or Technology?

June 19, 2009

When is it appropriate to use information technology to get a handle on a complex situation? And, when might we actually solve the problem by forgetting technology, and simply making things more simple?

A Field Guide for the Green Technologist?

May 1, 2009

Brian Dougherty’s book Green Graphic Design (2008) is a field guide for the green designer.