Energy & The National Broadband Plan

April 20, 2010

“The federal government should take a leadership role in improving the energy efficiency of its data centers.”

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Four Conversations on Greening ICT

February 23, 2010

Two architects, an artist, an analyst and an activist go deep on the promises and perils of information and communication technologies vis-à-vis the environment.

Electronic Farming

January 24, 2010

During our recent research investigating broadband use for the Federal Communications Commission we heard a lot about the Facebook application FarmVille from people across the country.


Misty Keasler on e-waste

December 6, 2009

“In Lagos, Nigeria trash isn’t separated, and the e-waste goes to one of seven dumps. I spent time in two of them.”

The Living on Architecture

December 6, 2009

“We think it’s interesting and relevant to display information about the environment on facades. That could be about local air and water quality, the social environment, the city as a habitat. Our vision for it involves the connection between local systems and remote systems.”

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Making Data Useful

October 17, 2009

What makes Superfund365 smart is the clear and engaging way that it presents information that is already available from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Greener Gadgets

January 4, 2009

A “greener gadgets” movement is bubbling through the design community at large, represented by green design competitions, the 2009 second annual Greener Gadgets conference, and new initiatives of sustainably focused designers like the Designers Accord.