Global Risks

June 19, 2014

Recommended reading on global risks and thinking about them systemically.

Two Futures?

January 29, 2013

Are the “techno future” and “nature future” narratives at odds with each other?

Material Wealth

September 8, 2012

When I started work on my visual ethnography project WEALTH, I had the uncomfortable feeling that it was going to make me want to give away everything I owned.

An Image of a Vinyl Record circa 1908

How Green Was My Vinyl?

October 7, 2011

ICT’s environmental impact is still an open question.

Greening ICT, An Emerging Field

June 14, 2010

Interviews on green activity in the information and communication technology field.

Energy & The National Broadband Plan

April 20, 2010

“The federal government should take a leadership role in improving the energy efficiency of its data centers.”

Casey Harrell of Greenpeace on Greener Electronics

December 6, 2009

“It’s not Greenpeace versus the IT industry. It’s the IT industry versus some of the laggards in the IT industry.”

The Living on Architecture

December 6, 2009

“We think it’s interesting and relevant to display information about the environment on facades. That could be about local air and water quality, the social environment, the city as a habitat. Our vision for it involves the connection between local systems and remote systems.”

David Leeds on the Smart Grid

December 5, 2009

“I believe in smart grid, because it’s about infrastructure change.”

Carbon Neutral Media

October 6, 2009

What are the carbon footprints of different media types and how many billions of tons of greenhouse gas emissions are associated with them?

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