What if sustainability doesn’t work out?

November 20, 2013

Thoughts on how HCI researchers can made a contribution to mitigating “crash” scenarios.

Fixing Things

October 15, 2012

iFixit sells tools and parts and provides free, crowdsourced manuals that help you repair everything from coffeemakers to bikes to tablets and iPhones.

Flows in the Flood: Mapping Communication Flows During Irene

September 21, 2012

Documenting the information flows around Hurricane Irene.

Places to Intervene

September 19, 2012

If we commonly believe that “technology is the answer to all our problems”, perhaps we might consider what problems technology is causing or exacerbating.

An Image of a Vinyl Record circa 1908

How Green Was My Vinyl?

October 7, 2011

ICT’s environmental impact is still an open question.

In the Bubble

January 7, 2011

How can we investigate the social impact of technology, rather than simply accepting or even evangelizing it?

Greening ICT, An Emerging Field

June 14, 2010

Interviews on green activity in the information and communication technology field.

Casey Harrell of Greenpeace on Greener Electronics

December 6, 2009

“It’s not Greenpeace versus the IT industry. It’s the IT industry versus some of the laggards in the IT industry.”

David Leeds on the Smart Grid

December 5, 2009

“I believe in smart grid, because it’s about infrastructure change.”

Carbon Neutral Media

October 6, 2009

What are the carbon footprints of different media types and how many billions of tons of greenhouse gas emissions are associated with them?